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Antique Dress Patterning Question

I am fortunate enough to be allowed to get an up close and personal look at an 18th century tartan wedding gown. I am hoping to draft a pattern from it but I havent never drafted from an actual garment before. Does anyone have any tips?

And just incase you are curious. This is the dress
So I have been thinking a lot lately about what my senior thesis should be about and I think I have landed on a topic "The Scottish Tartan: A style that became the symbol of a revolution". Problem is, I know very little about this topic. I want to focus not only on the history of the tartan itself and the clans but the role it played in the Jacobite Revolution. My main focus would be on 18th century highland appareal for both men and women.

Any books or museums you guys could point me in the direction of would be greatly appreciated. I will be in Scotland from September until Decemeber so if anyone knows anywhere I simply must go and see please point me in the right direction.

My new 18th century undergarments

Working on my polonaise and very excited since I've never made 18th century before and already loving it :D

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Polonaise Fabric

So I have a dilemma in that I can never make a decision on fabric because I always like so many. I've been trolling around fabric.com and found a few that caught my eye. What do you guys think. Which one is your favorite for an 18th century Polonaise?

1. Large_0315073

2. Large_0326555

3. Large_0326579

4. Large_BJ-649

Please help... I'm so indecisive........
So I've been doing a lot of sewing lately but none of it is historically accurate so I haven't decided yet if I actually want to take the time and post pictures. A friend and I are going to vend at FairieCon in February so it's just fun things, skirts and the like to sell in our booth. So happy to be sewing again just wish I had more time (since classes and homework take up 90% of my time).

Pocket Progress

I did a little crewel work on my pocket last night. I know it's not a lot of sewing/crafting but it's something.... This whole school and trying to have a hobby thing isn't working so well in my favor....

And sorry for all the wrinkles.

Just realized I haven't posted any of my outfits from costume college. Whoops.... I am a crappy blogger but what are you going to do. So here are a few


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Tonight I had the privilege of attending the 5th Avenue Theatre world premiere of Secondhand Lions. And here I will post my review and read at your own risk. Of course as a review I want this to be thorough and so therefore you should expect spoilers. Also I believe theatre is an opinion, regardless of wether or not I like something should never give you bearings to go or not go. I will always advocate supporting of the arts, for your opinion may differ from mine, and just because we may not like a show doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the effort and what that company strives to accomplish for artists all year round.

That being said here is my opinion.
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Aug. 14th, 2013

Finished the wimple today for the costume i'm making with my friend. Going to make the veil and hopefully start the chemise tomorrow. Show starts tomorrow as well and I'm so excited to be on stage again even if it's only for 3 days :D
I hate moving...... it's so stressful and on top of that I have sewing to do that I keep procrastinating on and really need to get done... ugh... I cant wait to not have stuff to do anymore....